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W.O.W - Now The Work Begins!

“Your future is being created through the actions you take today.” – Clyde Lee Dennis


Having expanded the Project to include Rebounding, Chair-based Exercises and a Live Well Hub, covering Mental & Physical Health and Wellbeing, the Sport England Community Asset Fund agreed to fund the build of the Facility so iCan Health & Fitness CIC could visit isolated Cumbrian Communities and make a real long-lasting impact on beneficiaries lives.

This is where the work truly begins as the iCan Team needed to find a Project Manager to manage the Wheels of Wellness Project, find a company to build W.O.W and find Sponsors who also believed in the benefits of W.O.W for Cumbrian beneficiaries.


Xquisite Productions, who created the Render examples of what W.O.W for the proposal to Sport England, were the logical choice to bring W.O.W to life.

iCan and Xquisite had a meeting discussing the requirements and steps needed to make the W.O.W Project happen.

Xquisite were excited about the benefits of W.O.W for the Cumbrian Community almost as much as our Team and happily agreed to come on board, working closely with iCan to develop the look, feel and practicability of W.O.W, obtaining a Van for the Rebounding Bus and a Caravan for the Live Well Hub and construction got well under way, at the same time as moving their production site.

Visual design ideas flowed from the creative Xquisite minds, who welcomed the alterations suggested by iCan as the 2 organisations worked closely together to create a vision which was not only impactful but also practical for W.O.W Attendees.


As part of our agreement with Sport England for the funding, we needed to find some sponsors who also supported the W.O.W Project, showing other organisations believed in the project and its proposed outcomes for Cumbria.

We contacted bellicon UK, a business, specialising in high-end Rebounders already highly successful due to their unique Rebounders across several parts of Europe and America and ready to enter the UK Market. bellicon UK could see the vision of W.O.W and agreed to become the Platinum W.O.W Sponsor for the 1styear and even supplied us with 20 of their Rebounders for Attendees to use during Rebounding sessions.

Throughout the build process, Xquisite Productions also came to us and offered to be another Sponsor for the Facility.

Over the next few months, iCan Health & Fitness CIC secured an additional 2 Sponsors with Cumbrian Accountants Dodd & Co. and local transportation service Criffel Vue Private Hire.


Managing Directors, Lisa and Julia had been managing every aspect of W.O.W, all whilst still managing the Health & Fitness Centre and other Projects in various stages of development, but knew the W.O.W Facility was a different challenge requiring full time attention from a Manager.

The hunt was on to find a Project Manager, and after identifying the varying aspects of the job role including; Booking in Events, Organising Staff, Website and Social Media build/maintenance, and actioning deliverables set out by Sport England to name a few, a job advert was posted.

The team received a high volume of applications, with many strong potential candidates and after many interviews and discussions the team offered the job position to Matthew Wood who accepted and was very excited to get started on a new concept to bring to the Cumbrian Community, helping to empower people to live a healthier lifestyle.

Next month, you get a chance to meet our W.O.W Facility Project Manager, Matthew Wood. Find out what makes him qualified to manage W.O.W, how he has navigated the challenge of covid-19 and much more in our first ever W.O.W Video Blog!

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