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The Different Areas
of W.O.W

The W.O.W Facility Project has been funded by Sport England Community Asset Fund
Each W.O.W activity has been uniquely designed with you in mind.


Young or old, in shape or out, the low-impact, high-gain performance of the bellicon is the best, most enjoyable and most efficient way for you to improve your health and wellbeing. Strengthening your core, improving balance, toning muscles and burning calories!

With the W.O.W Facility you can experience 15 minute Rebounding sessions on these uniquely designed Rebounders used by Olympic Athletes, Boxers, Senior Citizens, Osteoporosis Patients and everyone in between. 

bellicon UK are our Official Platinum Sponsors for 2020 / 2021



Chair-based exercises are great for all ages and all abilities.
A chance to take the weight off your feet but still exercise your heart, muscles, body and mind!

Simple to follow, easy moves using only your body, a chair and sometimes a resistance band and special resistance ball

For children this is a great way to show them how to control their body and muscles and still have fun whilst sitting down



The W.O.W Facility and Xquisite Productions Tech Whizzes designed a unique Ability Bouncer for Wheelchair Users!

EXCLUSIVE to W.O.W, the hydraulic platform allows you to be wheeled on, strapped in and the platform does the bouncing for you!

If you can, join in with the upper body movements or enjoy the bouncing motion with the rest of your family and friends. 

We believe no-one should be ‘left out’ when it comes to fun and exercise, so bring on the bouncing!

Xquisite Productions are our Official Gold Sponsors for 2020



This hub has been designed for you with our qualified Live Well Motivators on hand to support and focus on YOU!​

Everyone is invited, (wheelchair accessible), to enjoy a 'cuppa and chat' about achieving a healthy lifestyle.

So if you want support with:

  • Eating Well

  • Sleeping Well

  • Drinking Well

  • Learning to Weigh & Measure yourself

  • Family Exercise at Home

  • Mental Health

  • Coping Strategies

  • Emotional Resilience

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Then the W.O.W Live Well Hub is for you!

Live Well Guides, iCan Equipment, Merchandise and more are available for purchase!