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Official Platinum Sponsor 2020 - 2021

A bellicon® rebounder provides you with the very best in Rebounder technology. Including the most advanced back, knee and joint support to improve your bone density. 

bellicon Rebounding is fun, assessable and easy to do!

bellicon recognise that you are an individual; unique in age, body size, weight, energy level, strength, flexibility and conditioning with your personal training goals. You may even have physical restrictions, disabilities or rehabilitation requirements that require special attention. The bellicon is the only rebounder on the market that can be fully customised to meet your personal need. 

bellicon UK are proud Platinum sponsors of W.O.W for 2020, after reviewing the plans for the project during the development stage and believing their unique Rebounders can help deliver the true resulted required of the W.O.W Facility.

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