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The Story of W.O.W: From Design to Launch


iCan Health and Fitness are innovators!

- We listen to what Communities want! 

- We learn about Community needs! 

- Then our group comes up with a plan to help! 


The Wheels of Wellness (W.O.W) Facility developed from the iCan team visiting 6 Rural Cumbrian Communities in 2019. Popular demand saw us teaching 30 Minute Rebounding sessions and a 30 Minute chat about Health and Wellbeing

The year-long project was a resounding success but had to come to an end and that left the communities wanting more:


  • More accessible fitness for all coming straight to them. 

  • More help to live healthier lives with their families 

  • More community fun events! 

Our team of Experts, Directors, Volunteers and iCan Steering Group popped their heads together and created W.O.W!

Developed from the initial idea of a double-decker bus into something

totally unique, easy to access and above all FUN! 


Our W.O.W Facility literally Bounces into your Community using Hydraulic Suspension.

Once parked, the Bouncing Bus unfolds to reveal bellicon UK rebounders (Official Platinum Sponsor 2020) and bellicon UK instructional videos for the entire family to bounce for 15 Minutes each. Up to 20 ‘Bouncers’ can join in per 15 Minute session!

If you use a wheelchair don't worry! Our Ability Bouncer in UNIQUELY designed for safe, controlled Bouncing using Hydraulic Suspension to simulate the bouncing effect, once you are on the platform and securely strapped in, you could use your upper body to follow the instructional videos as well!

Don’t want to Bounce? We have added Chair-based exercise classes too! Join in with a simple Chair-based programme for 15 minutes - great for all abilities and children to improve concentration! 

Our team then thought: “What about staying healthy at home after W.O.W leaves?”


In response we created the LIVE WELL HUB. A relaxing, intimate, wheelchair-accessible, safe space to sit and talk to one of our qualified Live Well Motivators. Feel free to talk about Eating Well, Sleeping Well, Drinking Well and Exercising at Home as well as considered advice on Mental Wellbeing and Coping Strategies. 

Our ideas were developed for over 2 years before being presented to and kindly funded by Sport England Community Asset Fund. This enabled our Community Vision to become a reality!



Work swiftly began with Xquisite Productions (Official Gold Sponsor 2020) to create our wonderful W.O.W Facility. The iCan team worked closely with Xquisite Productions with regular updates and briefings to make sure all components were designed and built to meet the needs of our Community.

Xquisite Productions delivered the W.O.W Facility to our iCan Office personally, giving us an official tour and showing our Vision had become a reality!



W.O.W is ready to share with our beautiful County and share our Vision with Cumbria, bringing W.O.W directly to you! 


Contact us on 01228 819 101 for a free quote for your Community Event, Birthday Party, Corporate Event or Special Event.

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