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We know this service can help empower people to live healthy mental and physical lifestyles and we also signpost individuals to local support groups for any specific mental ill health issues and directly to our primary organisation, iCan Health and Fitness CIC for physical ailments which require additional support during stretching and exercise. 

However, we recognise Wheels of Wellness can offer more: 

- More local support organisations contacts

- More information on local support organisations

- Highlight the great work other local support organisations offer

- Raise awareness of the Public Sector services provided

This is why we have launched WOW PARTNERSHIP DAYS!

Where we can work with 3rd Sector and Public Service providers to plan a WOW Partnership Day! 

The Wheels of Wellness Team and Facility will:

- Let your team run sessions or provide information to W.O.W Attendees about the services you provide

- Allow you to run a 'Mini Event' as provided by your organisation in / around the Live Well Hub

- Have your logo sited on the Collaborative & Supportive Partner wall inside the Live Well Hub 

- Site Promotional Material inside the Live Well Hub for after your Partnership Day

- Tailor the Event(s) your team will attend to best enhance the experience for your organisation and the beneficiaries attending

We welcome enquiries from any Public and 3rd Sector provider to have a WOW Partnership Day including (but not limited to):

- Social Policing

- Blood Nurses

- Using Animals in Therapy 

- Supporting Minority Groups

- Supporting Isolated Communities

If you are interested in discussing the opportunity of having a WOW Partnership Day and appearing on our Collaborative and Supportive Partner wall, please contact 01228 272 214, Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm or email and a member of our team

will arrange a meeting to discuss and we look forward to working with you soon!

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