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Crowdfund Donators

In 2020 the Wheels of Wellness project team launched a CrowdFunder Campaign to raise additional funds to be able to bring the

facility to those who need it most following the hidden affects of the Corona Virus including rise in suicide rates, Mental Health issues

and much more. Although we did not hit our ambitious target, we were still able to raise a significant amount to be able to make a significant impact. This was made possible to those listed below for donating to our Community Cause, and we cannot thank them enough for their support, donations and kind comments of the project page. To view the project please visit 

Below are the individuals who donated to our cause: 

- Kelly Ward

- Jo

- Together We CIC

- Simon Grant

- Mitch Bridgewater

- Lexie Ward

- Deb Royston

- Nicola Lynch

- Jade Clifford

- Josh Hartley

- Suzan Hunter

- Daniel Spencer

- Sarah Connor

- James Clifford

- Jack Lester

- Emma Norgate

- Grace Ryder

- Scott Wigglesworth

- Megan Clifford

- Deborah Hewertson-Tisdall

- Caroline Robertson

- Ann Cowen

- Beth Porter

- Ali Heuvingh

- Sue Chidgey

- Angie Reynolds

- Lisa Telford

- J.J. Cheng

- P.A. Heron

- Adam Powell

- Jillian Sanderson

- Criffel Vue Private Hire

- Marguerite Robinson

- Jo-ann Gruchy

- Kath Crickett

- Michelle White

- Nicola Thompson

- Elsa Champney

- Magdalene Paynter

- Graham Holden

- Ali Musgrave

- 12 Anonymous Donations

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