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W.O.W Facility Project Manager

My Story is coming soon!

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The W.O.W Team: Team Members
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Jade Clifford

Primary W.O.W Facility Motivator

Hi, my name is Jade Clifford, I am a W.O.W motivator! I have been a part of iCan since I was little but undertook work here when I was 16 as a receptionist, I worked my way up through passion and love for the job and then became a circuit coach. I know work as  a W.O.W Motivator, along with my other jobs which are also in health and social care. I am passionate about helping people understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I will continue to do so as a W.O.W motivator.


W.O.W Facility Motivator

Meet this Team Member soon

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The W.O.W Team: Team Members
The W.O.W Team: Team Members
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iCan Managing Director / Innovations & iCan Project Manager.

W.O.W has been a passion project of mine for over 2 years. I'm very excited for a future of W.O.W-ing Cumbria.
I have lived and breathed all things Health and Fitness for my community for over 15 years now and I'm not afraid to shout about it! 
For more details about me and my career click below:

The W.O.W Team: Team Members


iCan Managing Director / Carlisle Club Manager

I am so excited for the W.O.W Facility and all it will bring. I cannot believe from a 'nugget' of an idea we are finally here and making history with the first of its kind!

My aim is to help our County start taking responsibility for our own health! 

For more information about me and my career click below:

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iCan Volunteer Director

I teach Rebounding at the Carlisle Club and facilitate Rebounding outreach projects across Cumbria. I am so very excited for the hugely beneficial form of exercise to be on the road around Cumbria!
I am a volunteer at iCan and work full time for the NHS.
For more about me click below:

The W.O.W Team: Team Members
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