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The W.O.W




W.O.W Facility Project Manager

I love to Bounce & use the iCan Live Well Guide on a daily basis. It really is a useful tool for all!

I come from a Performing Arts background and when I am not Bouncing with W.O.W I am often dancing around in my house or garden.

Prior to joining the W.O.W Team I was a Project & Insights Manager in Tactical Field Sales responsible for Events from conception until completion.

I am excited to kick-start the W.O.W process in Cumbria bringing the facility to all corners of this great County before (hopefully) expanding the project far and wide across the country.

Qualifications include:
BA Honours Degree - University of Cumbria, Mental Health Awareness for Sport & Physical Activity - 1st for Sport Learning, ACEs Training CPD - College of Life, Awareness of Mental Health Problems Level 2 - Lakes College, Safeguarding Level 1 - Lancashire Safeguarding Children's Board, Prevention Training Course - HM Government, Common Health Conditions Level 2 - Lakes College, Level 2 Food Hygiene & Safety - High Speed Training

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Jade Clifford

Primary W.O.W Facility Motivator

Hi, my name is Jade Clifford, I am a W.O.W motivator! I have been a part of iCan since I was little but undertook work here when I was 16 as a receptionist, I worked my way up through passion and love for the job and then became a circuit coach. I now work at iCan throughout the week motivating individuals to take responsibility for their own health and well-being, along with my other jobs which are also in health and social care. I am passionate about helping people understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I will continue to do so as a W.O.W motivator. I am so excited to see everyone get involved with this AMAZING facility.


W.O.W Facility Motivator

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iCan Managing Director / Innovations & iCan Project Manager.

W.O.W has been a passion project of mine for over 2 years. I'm very excited for a future of W.O.W-ing Cumbria.
I have lived and breathed all things Health and Fitness for my community for over 15 years now and I'm not afraid to shout about it! 
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iCan Managing Director / Carlisle Club Manager

I am so excited for the W.O.W Facility and all it will bring. I cannot believe from a 'nugget' of an idea we are finally here and making history with the first of its kind!

My aim is to help our County start taking responsibility for our own health! 

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iCan Volunteer Director

I teach Rebounding at the Carlisle Club and facilitate Rebounding outreach projects across Cumbria. I am so very excited for the hugely beneficial form of exercise to be on the road around Cumbria!
I am a volunteer at iCan and work full time for the NHS.
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