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Chair-based Exercise Training

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Here at iCan Wheels of Wellness (W.O.W), we want to work with Cumbrian Primary Schools and the 5 key indicators used for school physical education. 

As part of our commitment to physical education opportunities in Primary Schools we are offering Chair-based Exercise training which includes: 

- 2-hour Chair-based Exercise training for (up to) 10 teachers / teaching assistants / pupils per Primary School.

- 10 Active Brew Crew (ABC) Chair-based Exercise manuals for the school.

- Take-away exercise programme which can be used daily with every pupil, in a Sports Hall, outdoors or even in the classroom!

You can book Wheels of Wellness for a Chair-based Exercise training session for only £482.60, costing only £48.26 per teacher!

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WOW Chair-based Exercise Training*

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For up to 10 teachers/teaching assistants/pupils

Chair-based Exercise Benefits

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